Five German Universities

Tübingen, Mannheim, Münster, Köln, Ingolstadt-Eichstätt


Affiliated to International Networks



Cooperation with international partners

ETH Zürich, University of St. Gallen, IMF, Oxford University, University of Copenhagen

Knowledge exchange

We share expertise in

  • International business, tax law, and accounting
  • Collecting data and measuring tax incentives
  • Economic theory modelling
  • Econometrics and applied empirical work
  • Welfare analysis, optimal tax policy analysis

Network Activities

To enlarge and strengthen our network, we engage in a number of jointly organised activities:

  • Biennial conference
  • International guest professor programme
  • PhD workshops and joint supervision
  • Invite each other for seminar presentations
  • Mentoring programme

Data Sharing

We collect and maintain a comprehensive and detailed tax database with a wide coverage of countries and years:

  • Effective tax measures
  • Bilateral tax incentives
  • Anti-avoidance regulations
  • Corporate- and investor-level tax incentives

The database will be available to the public as soon as possible!