Below you find the latest events of the RSIT. The RSIT regularly invites both senior researches as well as young and ambitious scholars to discuss research. Organising workshops, conferences and summer schools for our PhD students is also an important element of the RSIT.

Conferences and workshops

INNOVATION IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY                                            June 28 - July 1, 2021

In the modern economy, it is impossible to separate the process of innovation from its global environment since access to foreign markets provides a broader base across which to spread costs, inspiration derived from ideas developed overseas, and import competition that can spur or hinder the desire to innovate locally. In addition, innovation is now dominated by a small number of global firms who, among other things, have the ability to shift R&D activities and profits to suit their desires.
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Python for Economics                             March 22- April 1, 2021

In March 2021, Dr. Matthew McKay and Dr. Chase Coleman provided a Python workshop at the RSIT. They did a great job introducing tools for data management, connecting Python with Stata 16, and looking into web scrapping and other useful techniques for gathering data online. Matthew and Chase are both part of QuantEcon, an organization dedicated to improving economic modelling by enhancing computational tools for economists. Click here to learn more.

Georg Wamser on Carbon Pricing (an event organized by Global Marshall Plan Tübingen and Bürgerlobby Klimaschutz Tübingen, January 27, 2020).

Georg Wamser explains why it makes sense for governments to put a price on carbon emissions, from an economics point of view.

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Compact three-day course on international trade

 In July 2019, Yoto Yotov took us into the world of gravity by giving a three-day course on “Analyzing Trade and Trade Policy with the Structural Gravity Model”. The course offered a comprehensive and balanced approach between theory and empirics on the workhorse model in international trade. With his enthusiasm and passion for the profession, Yoto inspired us all. Many thanks to Yoto who donated all proceeds to children with autism in his Bulgarian hometown!

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Summer School on "Topics in International Taxation"

Leslie Robinson offered a very interesting three-day lecture on international tax research with a specific focus on profit shifting in June 2019. The students became acquainted with recent methods and data sources for measuring BEPS. We all enjoyed the background discussion on the U.S. Tax Reform (especially the discussion on the behavioural effects of the GILTI provision) which was very informative and we thank Leslie for three great days of lecture!


Brexit Conference

The United Kingdom is about to leave the European Union. On October 26, 2018, the University of Tübingen hosted an international conference on the consequences of BREXIT for the future of Europe (see here). Hans-Werner Sinn completed the day with an inspiring keynote speech.

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Clemens Fuest in Tübingen

On October 18, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Clemens Fuest, President of the ifo Institute for Economic Research, gave a talk on "European Tax Policy for the 21st Century". In his talk he highlighted the challenges of international taxation and also addressed the role of taxing the digital economy.

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Spring School on "European Economic Policies"

This spring school, organised by Frank Stähler and Willi Kohler, introduced students to the economic policies carried out by the institutions of the European Union and their background. The spring school started with a visit to the European Central Bank on April 15.  During this two-week course, students learned how and why economic policies are designed in the world's largest trading power. 

Orbis User Conference

On April 13 2018, the first Tübingen-Hohenheim Orbis User Conference took place in Tübingen. Students working with the Orbis database presented their ongoing work. Special thanks to Prof. Peter Egger (ETH Zürich) who gave a very interesting keynote lecture!

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Lecture by Prof. Markusen

James R. Markusen is a professor of economics at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is among the leading scholars worldwide in the field of international trade. Over the last 25 years his work has concentrated on the location, production, and welfare effects of large-scale firms and multinational corporations. His most recent work explores how demand shifts due to rising incomes and helps explain empirical and policy puzzles.

Phd Conference "Tax Policy in the Global Economy"

 More than 40 (young) economists from six  universities participated in the PhD conference on "Tax Policy in the Global Economy", held in October 2017. 

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Conference on the "Tax Policy and the Activities of Multinational Firms"

We had two inspiring days with 16 interesting presentations about the behaviour of multinational firms, the effectivness of anti-avoidance rules and the role of R&D incentives. 

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Research Seminar in Economics

Tuesday, 2-4pm

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Business Research Seminar

Wednesday, 2-4pm


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